On-Location Portrait Photography


Chicago portrait photographer Tori Soper and her team excel at creating modern and authentic portraits that tell your story. Our on-location portraits sessions are a great alternative to standard corporate headshots as we incorporate your personal or professional setting into your background. This approach allows our clients to be more causal while we strike a balance to ensure your portrait is both powerful and approachable.


As their go-to portrait photographer, we’ve been working with Chicagoland businesses and national publications for years. Over the past 20 years, we’ve produced portraits for annual reports, magazine features, websites, and social media. With our expertise in lighting and composition, we create a seamless experience that results in authentic and compelling office headshots on location.

We’re the Pros

For over 20 years, we’ve been teaming up with Fortune 500 corporations, not-for-profits, and small businesses as their leading Chicago portrait photographer. Our clients also range across numerous industries, including healthcare, finance, technology, and more.

A Seamless Experience

As experienced portrait photographers, we use the most advanced technology and incorporate lighting techniques that help us to create compelling images. We also deliver a seamless experience and provide exceptional service each and every time.

Beginning to End

Whether you’re an established Photo Editor or you’re putting together your first portrait session, we’ve got you covered. We can help sketch out ideas, take care of location scouting, and will be there for you from start to finish.

On-Location Portraits

We’ll scout out your location and use the place where you work, create and play to help to tell your story. With on-location portraits, your photos will help to engage your community and capture the best of your brand.

Team Portraits

Make your best first impression with our on-location portraits for your team. We’ll ensure the portraits are consistent across your brand and convey confidence and professionalism that makes you stand out from your competition.

Brand Storytelling

We also create custom image libraries for our clients that include on-location portraits and behind-the-scenes photos. With our brand storytelling photography services, we’ll showcase the people and the processes that make your business an industry leader.


As Chicago’s go-to portrait photographer, Tori Soper and her team strive to give you the competitive edge with modern portraits that increase your visibility. Our experience and streamlined process will help you take your look to the next level.

We’ll make it easy for you, too, as our system is time-tested with online scheduling, and our mobile studio is ready to set up in your home, studio, or office. We focus on brand consistency and give easy-to-follow instructions that ensure you’ll look your best. We also create beautiful web galleries where you can review your portraits conveniently and use natural retouching methods that enhance your image without going over the top. Our turnaround time is lightning fast, too.

Take the next steps towards upscaling your brand with contemporary portraits that help you close the deal.



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