Our Premium Headshot Retouching Services

If you’re looking to take your professional headshot photos to the next level, you’ve come to the right place! We can transform even the most basic headshots into something truly stunning with subtle enhancements that make you look your best.


As professional headshot photographers, our goal is to capture photos that make you look and feel your best. But even with the most skilled photographer, high-quality equipment, and an experienced subject, headshots often require some subtle retouching to achieve a more polished, professional result.

Headshot retouching is the process of digitally enhancing and optimizing your photos using photo editing software like Photoshop. We personally handle all retouching for our clients to ensure a natural, flattering finish. The retouching process allows us to make minor adjustments so your images stand out.


Enhancing without altering

Our retouching philosophy is “less is more.” All of our retouching is completed in-house. We focus on subtle enhancements that bring out your best qualities and features without fundamentally altering your appearance. Things like smoothing skin, reducing glare on glasses, whitening teeth, and warming up skin tone. These minor tweaks make a big difference in helping you look authentic and approachable.


Keeping it realistic

We do not apply excessive retouching, use filters, or make major changes to features. Our goal is for the finished photos to still look like you at your best—not an airbrushed model. Natural smile lines, freckles, and other distinctive features are preserved. The retouching is meant to be virtually undetectable. If friends and family see your headshots and say, “Wow, you look so polished!” not “Who is that?” we’ve achieved the right balance.


Delivering professional results

With careful, customized retouching, we can transform good headshots into great ones suitable for professional profiles, websites, and social media. The final images will make a fantastic first impression and give you confidence in how you present yourself to the world. Headshot retouching is what takes your photos to the next level.

Why Professional Headshot Retouching Is Essential

We take pride in providing high-quality headshots to our clients. However, even with the best equipment and lighting, certain imperfections simply can’t be avoided in the studio. That’s why we consider professional retouching services to be such an important final step.


Minor Imperfections Require Retouching

No matter how skilled the professional photographer, tiny details often need correction. Things like minor blemishes, uneven skin tone, redness in the eyes, or stray hairs. Retouching can make quick work of these imperfections and result in authentic and high-quality headshots that reflect the best of your brand.


Retouching Enhances Your Best Features

In addition to correcting small flaws, retouching allows us to enhance your most flattering features subtly. We can brighten your eyes, whiten your teeth, and contour your face to play up your best angles. The changes are undetectable but help ensure you look polished professional. Retouching gives you confidence that your headshots are ready for the world to see!


A Consistent Look and Brand Image

Retouching helps achieve a consistent look across all of your photos. If we’ve captured multiple poses or expressions, retouching unifies things like skin tone, teeth whitening, and other enhancements, so there is coherence in how you’re represented visually. This polished, professional consistency strengthens your brand.

While technology makes DIY retouching more accessible than ever, for professional headshots, it simply doesn’t compare to the work of a skilled editor. Our years of experience as professional photographers and advanced editing techniques allow us to make subtle, natural-looking changes that enhance your headshots. We take care of retouching in-house, and every image is edited individually for the best results because your headshots are worth getting just right.


Our basic retouching service is included with all team headshot packages and is available as an add-on service with our Headshot Photo Booth. We provide subtle enhancements to improve your headshot while maintaining a natural look. The changes are meant to be imperceptible, so you still look like yourself, just refreshed. This service is perfect for headshots that will be published on LinkedIn and corporate websites. 

Our basic retouching services include the following:

  • Reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes
  • Remove yellow and red from eyes and teeth
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Eliminate distracting stray hairs
  • Erase temporary blemishes like acne and razor bumps
  • Enhance the color and contrast for more impact

We also offer enhanced retouching as an additional service, and this includes:

  • Background replacement
  • Color changes and enhancements like changing hair, tie or lip color
  • Body sculpting (slimming and other adjustments)
  • Group composites (adding/removing people from group images)
  • Custom digital backgrounds

As skilled professional photographers, our first goal is to capture you at your best in camera, and our headshot tips will get you there. With preparation and subtle enhancements, we’ll bring out your best version while keeping the result natural and authentic. We know how important your headshots are for creating a great first impression, so we take the utmost care. 

We’re always happy to help ensure your headshots look amazing, so when you’re planning your next project, whether it be for your team’s headshots or a headshot photo booth at a special event, get in touch!