We’re Chicago’s best choice for corporate headshots and on-location portraits because each step in our process works together purposefully to make you look and feel your best. 

Since it takes less than a second to make a first impression, your headshot photo must help position you above the crowd. We’ll work with you on set to capture the most confident, authentic, and approachable portrait, and with these tips and tricks, you’ll already have a head start.



Bring additional wardrobe options so that we have a variety to choose from. Layers are always the best bet. For example, a jacket or sport coat over a polo or a sweater over a tank always work well. It’s a flawless look. If you plan to wear white, go for the white shirt but wear it underneath a jacket or sweater. And if you’ll be wearing clothes that have the potential to wrinkle, bring the outfit with you and change into it before your session. You’ll also want to avoid busy patterns, bold stripes, or logos when selecting your wardrobe. A splash of color, such as orange or yellow, is a nice touch, but we’ll want to limit it a bit as the colors can be oversaturated in digital photography.


A Few Things to Note

V-necks are great and accentuate your features though you’ll want to be aware of the necklines’ plunge to avoid going too low. Avoid wearing sleeveless tops, as bare arms may be distracting and often take attention away from your face. To help control potential sweating, gentlemen, you can wear an undershirt beneath your top that isn’t visible at your neckline. If you’re having a corporate headshot done against a backdrop, you’ll want to know what color the backdrop will be so you can plan for contrast. Again, feel free to bring a few wardrobe options, and we’ll help you put together the best look for your shoot.


Clean and Classic

For jewelry, think classic. Nothing too decorative or large, as we want all the attention to be on you. If you wear glasses, clean them right before you come into your portrait session. Are you wondering whether or not to wear them? Consider how people are used to seeing you: with or without. We recommend keeping them on for the shoot if the answer is “with.” If going with the clean-shaven look, trim right before your session, as facial hair can be visible within a few hours of shaving. If you plan to color your hair, try to schedule this with a trim a week before your session so the color can settle.


Be Nice to You

Most importantly, be nice to yourself. If you partake, avoid alcohol for several days before your session, get a good night’s sleep, and remember to hydrate. Doing these things will help prevent under-eye bags and keep your skin looking smooth. If your shoot has added on the help of a hair and makeup stylist, they’ll make sure to help with overall primping and apply their skills to minimize excessive oils, smooth skin tones, and tidy any stray hairs. If you’d like to use your makeup, do bring it along, although our stylists are skilled at working with various skin tones and hair textures, so they’ll be prepared.