Three Reasons to Hire a Make-Up Artist for Your Photo Session


Why We Recommend Hair & Make-up Styling

With 20 years in the business of commercial photography here in Chicago, we’ve focused on providing the best in corporate headshots and on-location portraits and we are big advocates of using the professional services of hair & make-up stylists.  Here’s our take.


We have one chance to make a first impression and being the visual people that we are, we are always taking note of appearances.

Make-up artists are pros at making you look like you’ve had the best day. Even if you’re not one to wear make-up or just think you won’t need it, remember, the camera sees us differently than we see ourselves.

The lighting we use for our corporate headshots and portraits though soft and flattering can emphasize inconsistent skin tones and the oils that collect on our face. The hair & make-up artists we’ve partnered with are experts at identifying how this lighting affects our subjects and they use their experience and artful techniques to smooth skin tones and help you achieve a polished and professional image.


So many of us are not the biggest fans of having our photo taken. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that is a natural but most of the clients that we’ve worked with benefit from a bit of coaching and a boost of confidence during their headshot sessions. Having a professional make-up artist to help you get ready, give some feedback on wardrobe and be there on set to help you achieve absolute brilliance is a confidence builder for sure.

You’re job while you’re with us is to focus on showing us your best self through the poses we coach your through and finding the the most authentic expressions that are both inviting and compelling.  Feeling a little pampered and walking into your headshot session primped and powdered can make you feel a little empowered. Hurray for that!

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.”
— Edward Steichen


Next to investing in your professional headshot with us, that is. It’s really a story about value.  You’ve decided that updating your corporate headshots and personal branding is a priority so take the next step and treat yourself and your team to a little pampering and ensure that you look more polished and professional than your competition.

And remember, these professional portraits can be used in so many ways and on so many platforms.  From websites to social media profiles and email signatures, you name it. You’ll be able to get so much mileage out of your headshots so consider this another investment in yourself and your team.


Do you have questions about how we are handling photoshoots during the time of Covid-19? Great question and we have an answer for that. Keeping our clients and crew safe is our number one priority and we’re taking steps to ensure that we protect all of us. To learn more, please click here.

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