Estimates  The fees quoted by the Photographer are for the original job description as presented by the Client. Any subsequent changes, whether made orally or in writing, may result in additional charges. The expenses are estimated in good faith estimate. Actual expenses, which may be greater or less, will be invoiced. The client will pay 50% of the estimated fee in advance of the assignment date in order to secure the booking. Payments can be made via check, credit card or electronic funds transfer.

Retainer  In order to guarantee the booking date(s) and time(s), clients will provide a retainer (50% of package price) within 5 business days of contract signing.  Payments can be made via check, all major credit cards or electronic funds transfer.  Tori Soper Photography will reserve the date(s) and time(s) agreed upon and not make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time. For this reason, in the event that the client cancels or postpones the contract for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by Tori Soper Photography in order to offset the loss of business.

Final Payment  Client shall make payment within 30 days of invoice. Late payments will be billed a $25.00/month handling fee and 5%/month interest. Payments can be made via check, all major credit cards or electronic funds transfer.

Client Representation  The Client is responsible for the presence of an authorized representative at the shoot to approve the Photographer’s interpretation of the assignment. If a Client representative is not present, the Photographer’s interpretation shall be deemed acceptable.

Authorship Credit  A credit in the name of Tori Soper Photography shall accompany her photograph whenever practical such as when reprinted in trade publications. Credited as © Tori Soper Photography.

Retouching  Any additional post-production requested by the Client and not included in the original agreement will be billed at $150 per hour.

Copyright  All standard photography packages from Tori Soper Photography, LLC include unlimited usage for an unlimited time of the work submitted for this assignment. Grant of any reproduction rights to the Client is conditioned upon receipt of payment in full. All rights not expressly granted shall be reserved by the Photographer.  Client may not sell, assign, or otherwise transfer their rights, duties, and legal obligations under this agreement without the prior written approval and consent of the Tori Soper Photography, LLC.  Unless otherwise stated in this contract, Copyright remains with Tori Soper Photography, LLC.

Indemnification  The parties agree to defend, indemnify, and hold each other and its representatives harmless from and against any and all unforeseen losses, liabilities, expenses, damages, or claims (or third party claims) that might arise from this Agreement.